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Basque Chicken

We got this recipe from one of our Milwaukee customers.
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Trout Meuniere

It sounds fancy, but you won’t believe how simple this is. It works with whole trout or fillets of any delicate white fish. Sole Meuniere is a French classic. I...
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Salmon en Papillote

Cooking anything 'en papillote' lends and elegant and aromatic experience with absolute ease in the kitchen. Experiment with different vegetables, fish, and your favorite seasonings. This is a great dish to...
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Steak au Poivre

Steak au Poivre can be prepared with nearly any type of peppercorn we sell, even non-piper nigrum peppercorns like Long Pepper, Pink Peppercorns, or Grains of Paradise.
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Radis Rôtis aux Herbes de Provence

This is a delicious and simple vegetable dish. Radishes are often served raw, but roasting them is another tasty way to prepare them. Their spicy bite is lowered when roasted...
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Garam Masala Poached Pears

Poached pears are a great seasonal dish, there’s something about them that makes people think you really know what you’re doing—especially if you refer to them as Poire à la...
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French Onion Soup

The Brie melts into the broth, leaving the Parmesan to broil to a nice golden brown.....but the Brie created a creamy broth, and for my taste—and my guests—was just awesome....
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Lemon-Herb Chicken

Quick and easy recipe for lemony and savory chicken breast.
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Bay Scallops Provencal

Scallops, bacon, apples, and mushrooms sautéed to perfection.
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Beef Bourguignonne

This came together from a compilation of other stews and recipes. This is great company stew. Guests are always amazed at the flavor.
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Baked French Toast

This is so easy to set up ahead of time so when entertaining for brunch, there is less work.
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Cheese Fondue

This recipe, by 'Wave at The W Hotel' executive chef Kristine Subido, was used for the first Spice House/Wave cooking class.
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Herbs de Provence Chicken

I have been making this for years. I finally quantified it so that others could enjoy this lovely dish.
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Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee

You can use any kind of vanilla bean for this, but Tahitian is particularly nice.
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If Marcel Proust were alive today, he'd recognize this traditional French Madeline cookie instantly. Although I still use my old-fashioned French madeline molds, I recommend that you go 21st. Century...
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