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Golden Raisin Couscous

Best couscous ever!  With diced pecans, plump raisins, and Ras el Hanout spice blend, you are just 15 minutes away from a simple and delicious side dish.
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Old-Fashioned Cinnamon Rolls

This recipe comes to us courtesy of The Junior League of Chicago. It is from their cookbook, "Celebrate Chicago! A Taste of Our Town."
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Creole Style Jambalaya

Within the rich cuisine of Louisiana there is a key distinction between Cajun food and Creole food. Cajun food emerged from the swamps and bayous while Creole cuisine evolved in the city....
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Smokey Hibiscus Margarita

This recipe is inspired by the International Bartenders Association's formula for the standard margarita. Use freshly squeezed lime juice for best results.
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Shana's Double Chocolate Cookies

This recipe was the 1st place winner in The Chicago Tribune's Good Eating contest, 2006. Baker's chocolate, vanilla extract, and chocolate extract make for an extra rich flavor.
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Bob's Chicken Vesuvio

This recipe is from our computer fixing guru Bob Pielet. Whenever we have a problem he is a godsend, and he always gets to us quickly. How do we know...
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Turkish Shepherd's Salad

To celebrate our sumac’s Turkish origin, we tossed up a choban salad, also known as Turkish shepherd's salad. This is a nice side for any grilled meat, especially some heavily-spiced...
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Simple Pizza Dough

This is a straightforward pizza dough recipe for stress-free homemade pizza. This recipe works especially well in a pre-heated cast iron skillet or in a pan for Detroit-style pizza. To...

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Bagna Cauda

Originally a Piedmontese dip, Bagna Cauda is like an Italian version of fondue, swapping garlic and anchovies for cheese. Sure, you could make fondue, but this isn't the...
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Asparagus with Duck Breast Proscuitto

This recipe is simple: Roast asparagus in the oven with salt, pepper and olive oil, and serving with slices of MeatCrafters' Duck Breast Prosciutto. Like it's porky counterpart, the dry-cured...

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Orecchiette with Sausage and Broccoli

Pasta as a main course shouldn’t be overly complicated. As with most of these recipes, the goal is to spend time together in the kitchen, not scrubbing a million pots...
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Chocolate Spoon Cake with Ganache and Orange "Gremolata"

We planned on getting fancy with dessert, stealing the flavors from sanguinaccio dolce and making chocolate lava cake. Unfortunately, our ganache never froze, so we ended up drizzling it on...
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Hazelnut Cardamom Bourbon Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa with a bit of sophistication. This recipe is written for two, as this rich. boozy cocoa is best enjoyed with company.
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Antipasto is the traditional first course in a formal Italian dinner, comprised of pickled things: Charcuterie, cheese, vegetables, and/or fish. We like to think of it as "stuff...

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Curry Mayo

Slather this bold sauce on a burger, try it on chicken wings or serve as a dip with veggies.
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