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Everything Bagel Snack Dip

Serve this creamy and savory snack dip with veggie sticks or those pumpernickel bagel chips.
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Special Sauce for Burgers

Every hamburger joint has their own special sauce. This recipe makes a few special adjustments for a deeper flavor.
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Everything Bagel Cheese Ball

This is a fun way to serve a lox platter differently. Serve it with any type of crackers, veggies, and herbs you like!
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Rainbow Rice Crispy Treats

Rice Crispy treats aren't just for kids, although they are the simplest of desserts. I play around with the cereals and add in extracts to tweak the flavors. This is...
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Ozark Fried Chicken

Classic buttermilk fried chicken made even better with Spice House's Fried Chicken Seasoning blend.
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Homestyle Ranch Potato Salad

If you make ranch dressing a little thicker, it makes for a delicious potato salad dressing.
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Warm Bridgeport Potato Salad

Bridgeport blend is wonderful for potatoes so why not potato salad
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Garden Potato Salad

The Garden Salad blend of Romano cheese, chives, sesame, and poppy seeds makes a delectable potato salad dressing.
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Savory and Sweet Potato Salad

I like the crunch of the apple and the chew of the craisins. This is not routine potato salad.
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Barbecue Brisket of Love

Brisket, spices, smoker, and patience. That is all you need to create incredibly tender and tasty barbecue beef brisket.
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Grilled Flank Steak Marinade

The marinade for this steak is unbelievable! I can't stop eating it.
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Classic Summer Coleslaw

This is a classic coleslaw perfect for well-spiced barbecue like pork ribs and beef brisket. 
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Pullman Pork Tenderloin

I enjoy the Evanston store and like to try different rubs. Pullman Pork Chop seasoning seemed perfect for the pork tenderloin I had in the frig...hence Tenderloin ala Pullman.
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Mustard Barbecue Sauce

Not quite Carolina-style barbecue space, but certainly inspired. Try this over pulled pork or as a condiment for cajun hot links.
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Insane Hot Wings

I tolerate very, very hot, and I'm a sucker for wings, but I have a hard time finding really good hot wings. Either they're not as hot as advertised, or...
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