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The Ramos Gin Fizz

Orange flower water and freshly squeezed citrus shaken with cream and egg white create this creamy and fizzy drink.
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Pear Lavender Lemon Drop Martini

This is like the classic lemon drop, only mildly floral and more complex. I find plain lemon drops to be a bit boring and too sweet, so the lavender sugar...
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Thai Iced Tea

This came to us from a food forum poster. His recipe called for fresh orange blossoms, which are hard to find in America, so we modified it to use orange...
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Easy Chai Latte

You don't need an espresso machine with a steamer to make this. We have a few tricks you can use to make a foamy chai tea latte at home....
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Vanilla Bean Old Fashioned Cocktail

Tahitian vanilla's fruity notes of black cherry and tart plum work especially well in the standard bourbon old fashioned cocktail.
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Dalgona Coffee

Trendy or not, this coffee is an indulgent way to start your mornings. Espresso powder gives this recipe more kick, instead of using the traditional instant coffee mix.
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Smokey Hibiscus Margarita

This recipe is inspired by the International Bartenders Association's formula for the standard margarita. Use freshly squeezed lime juice for best results.
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Signature Bloody Mary

There are many variations of the classic Bloody Mary cocktail recipe. All of them are delicious and interesting, but after some research we concluded that this recipe is the baseline...
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Spiced Apple Cider

This is our classic and time-honored recipe for hot cider or even mulled wine.
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Allspiced Bourbon

Recipe courtesy of Chasity Marini, Evanston store manager.
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Bloody Maria - Tequila Bloody Mary

You can use any tequila you like, but a smokey mezcal is what makes this drink a Smokey Maria.
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Hot Toddy

A spin on the classic—Bourbon, lemon, honey, cinnamon, and clove all make an appearance. I use chamomile tea instead of water and mace instead of nutmeg. I find that both...
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Cardamom-Ginger Martini

Recipe courtesy of Chasity Marini, Evanston store manager. The rosemary in the shaker will bruise and release its flavor into the drink. Save a pretty one for garnish!
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Vanilla Bean Syrup

Vanilla syrup. A must-have ingredient for Don the Beachcomber's Nui Nui cocktail. See below for that cocktail recipe.
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Easy Switchel

I think this mix tastes a bit like apple pie. Remember in 'the long winter' when ma ingalls sent out the ginger molasses water to pa in the hot field....
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