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Hawaiian Smoked Sea Salt

Wood from the kiawe tree, similar to mesquite, infuses this salt with soft, sweet, smoky notes. Kiawe wood is slow-burning, lending its unique flavor to all manner of delicious grilled and spit-roasted foods. If there is no kiawe growing near you, use this Hawaiian Smoked Sea Salt to add a touch of luau to anything. Also available in Hawaiian Red Salt, or Hawaiian Black Lava Salt.

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The Spice House
The Spice House


Kiawe wood thrives in the arid, volcanic soil on the Big Island of Hawaii. This hot and slow burning hardwood is an island staple for pit cooking and luaus. It's also what makes this premium grade, coarse Hawaiian sea salt so special. Cold smoking these silver crystals of Pacific Ocean salt yields a soft, sweet smoke profile that is the perfect finish to any dish. Use immediately before serving. Ingredients: Sea salt. 



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