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Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt

Harvested on the remote and pristine island of Molokai, this Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt is blended with activated charcoal before it is dried to form large crystals. Use it to finish eggs, salads, or desserts. Enjoy a dramatic look when you pair it with our white pepper. Also available in Hawaiian Red Alaea Salt, or Hawaiian Kiawe Smoked Salt.

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The Spice House
The Spice House


The Hawaiian Island archipelago is extremely isolated from other land masses. Within the Hawaiian Islands, the island of Molokai's waters remain virtually untouched from pollution leading it to have some of the purest seawater. This seawater is mixed with quality activated charcoal, and dried speficially to ensure all the nutrients and minerals in the seawater is retained. The black Hawaiian sea salt is then bottled and labeled under supervision of the Salt Masters Guild of Hawaii. This guild was founded in order to maintain the ancient tradition of salt crafting that has been part of the island's culture for centuries. Although the dominant flavor or these crystals is pure salt, the flavor is very bright and strong, due to the presence of the trace minerals.



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