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Fostering Youth Food Education with Pilot Light

The Spice House has always strived to make a positive impact for our customers and their surrounding communities. That’s why we’re...

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What is Nutmeg?

A few passes over a spice grater and nutmeg releases an irresistibly warm and sweet aroma that is perfect for...

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The Marnotos of Olhão

Portuguese microbiologists are reviving the lost art of handcrafted sea salt. In the salt marshes of Olhão, on the southern coast of Portugal’s Algarve region, salt workers known as “Marnotos"...
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Behind the Seasonings: Chili Powder

The spice nomenclature surrounding chili is confusing. In the United States, we recognize a clear difference between the two spellings of chile and chili. Chile refers to actual chile peppers...
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Good Soups for Bad Weather

It’s crummy outside, and there’s a block of soup stock in my freezer that’s begging to be let out. Cold weather deserves hot soup, and hot soup deserves flavorful herbs and spices...
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Well-Seasoned Cocktails

To compliment the gin, I created a cardamom-ginger simple syrup. The syrup is sweet, tart, and has a fresh menthol flavor thanks to our aromatic green cardamom pods...
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Spice Spotlight: Mexican Oregano

Mexican oregano is stronger than its Greek doppelgänger and less sweet. It is a robust additive that adds a perky top note to many dishes. You can add it to salsas, guacamole, stews, soups...
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Spotlight: Grains of Paradise

In the Middle Ages, traders sold Grains of Paradise to compete with black pepper since it was a less expensive alternative to the pricey peppercorn. Spice traders told buyers in Europe...
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Saffron Afternoon with Julia Child

Julia Child has garnished the Spice House with her presence a few times. one of my favorite experiences was during a cooking class at Ecole de Cuisine, a Milwaukee area culinary school...
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Spice Spotlight: Mustard

Ground mustard has a mild, earthy aroma, and unassuming appearance. Its flavor is sharp and hot, and it gets even stronger when wet. Brown mustard seed is even hotter than yellow...
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Rare Hawaiian Sea Salt—Then and Now

In the 1700’s, the British navigator James Cook made several voyages through the Pacific Islands and visited Hawaii three times. His sailors collected black salt from the shoreline at low tide...
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