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Paprika vs. Cayenne Comparison

Paprika vs. Cayenne Comparison

What is the difference between paprika vs. cayenne?

The main difference between paprika and cayenne pepper comes from the level of spiciness and where they are grown. Sweet paprika tends to come from Hungary while the smoked paprika varieties come from Spain. There is a wide range of flavor expressions just within paprika: sweet, earthy, smoky, slightly bitter, and fiery flavors. Click here to read our in-depth spotlight on paprika.
Cayenne on the other hand tends to be much more spicy than paprika, somewhere between a jalapeño and milder than habanero. Cayenne is often found in Cajun, Creole, and Caribbean dishes.


What are good recipes for paprika?

We have some fantastic recipes that use paprika, including this popular paprika chicken with lavender-pumpkin cream sauce recipe. Paprika is also a fantastic addition to many rubs like this dry spice rub for pork and salmon, this southwest spice blend, and this espresso steak rub.


What are good recipes for cayenne?

Cayenne is a really versatile spice with fantastic recipes from curried fried chicken to homemade buffalo wings. It is also fantastic in this BBQ chicken recipe. For a crowd-pleasing option consider this chili recipe that uses cayenne.


Where to buy cayenne online

The Spice House carries a fantastic variety of cayenne pepper online that adds a zip to any dish.



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