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Top Extracts for Holiday Baking

Top Extracts for Holiday Baking

There’s nothing like staring through frost-lined windows as you wait for the oven timer to ding. Winter is peak baking season, and you're excited to show off and share your talents with an array of holiday cookies, cakes, and pastries. Premium extracts enhance even the simplest recipes with just a tip of a teaspoon. We gathered our top extracts for flavoring all your wintery delights.

Anise Extract

From Italian Pizzelle cookies to German Springerle biscuits, anise is a popular winter flavor. The strong, sweet licorice taste is a nostalgic accent for holiday pastries. You can also use anise extract to flavor your own homemade after-dinner anisette.


Hazelnut Extract

Hazlenut’s sweet, earthy, and nutty flavoring makes rich holiday desserts like chocolate cake, pecan pies, and crinkle cookies doubly delicious. Hazelnut plays especially well with cocoa. Nutella, anyone? You can enhance your favorite chocolate-forward recipes with a few drops of hazelnut extract.


Peppermint Extract


Nothing pairs with winter’s chill quite like a peppermint dessert—be it a cheesecake, cookie, chocolate bark, or peppermint fudge pie. Try a few drops of this extract in your favorite brownie recipe, or add it to your frosting for a cool surprise. We love using it in almond flour thumbprint cookies for extra nuttiness.



Madagascar Pure Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is a magical elixir that makes sweet taste sweeter and rich taste richer. Nearly every holiday pastry recipe will call for a teaspoon of vanilla extract. You can pair vanilla with nearly any sweet baking flavor. There are many flavors of vanilla to choose from, but we recommend the classic Madagascar vanilla for its nostalgic and signature flavor.


Pure Almond Extract

Nutty and sweet, with a hint of cherry, almond extract adds that something extra to your desserts people will love and ask about. Try almond extract in your homemade marshmallow recipes, add it to your caramels and toffee, or use it in your traditional fruitcake.





Cindy Barsbai on December 16th, 2021

Springerli cookies are actually a Swiss Cookie that my mother made every year. She was born in Switzerland. That is a staple cookie their. And they invented the Springerli rolling pin specifically for those cookies!

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