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Hazelnut Extract

A rich, elegant flavor that s essential to dacquoise, Austro-Hungarian hazelnut cake, or a Swiss hazelnut torte. Our Hazelnut Extract is deliciously nut-free, so feel free to add it to cookies, crêpes, or any chocolate preparation for added depth and drama.

The Spice House
The Spice House


With the rise of the chocolate-hazelnut spread Nutella, hazelnut’s sweet and earthy flavors have become much more popular. To use in baking, substitute our hazelnut extract for vanilla extract at a 1:1 ratio (or just use both!). Add a few drops to coffee or hot chocolate for a delicious hint of nutty flavor. Like most of our extracts and flavors, this hazelnut flavoring is both sugar and gluten-free, and does not contain hazelnuts or other tree nuts. Ingredients: Ethyl alcohol, water, glycerin, natural flavor.



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