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Tahitian Pure Vanilla Extract

By dint of its size, Tahiti can produce only a small amount of its fragrant, floral vanilla. Tahitian vanilla beans are plumper than others, contain more seeds, and have a complex, cherry-like aroma sought by fine pastry chefs. Also available in Madagascar Vanilla Extract, Double Strength Madagascar Vanilla Extract, or Mexican Vanilla Extract.

The Spice House
The Spice House


Many of our high-end chefs prefer Tahitian vanilla for pastries because of the complexity of its depth. It adds a sweet floral fragrance to the richness of the vanilla. There is also a greater volume of the inner seeds in the plumper Tahitian vanilla bean than in its Mexican or Madagascar counterparts, making it ideal for creme brulees, ice creams, or custards! Ingredients: Ingredients: Water, alcohol, cane sugar, vanilla.



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