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Spices are a window into the world of culinary expertise and history. So, if you're searching for new and adventurous ways to use your fresh Spice House spices, or if you're interested in learning more about the origins and history of the spice trade, shop our selection of books to learn more about spices.

CrushGrind Mill

These oiled oak spice and salt mills will complement any kitchen countertop or dining room table with their sleek, minimalist design. While we...

Explorer's Hat

At The Spice House, we like to reflect on the past as we contemplate the present. This limited edition cap features...


Whether it’s a cup of Joe or a cold iced tea, our Mug will maintain your beverages at the perfect...

Trucker Hat

Go ahead and show off your love for The Spice House with our stylish, custom-designed Trucker hat. This hat features a...

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