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Glass Spice Jar

Early spice jars were made of varnished sycamore; though attractive, they split easily in the heat of old-fashioned kitchens. Ceramic came next—but it was pretty heavy. Today, glass jars are considered ideal for keeping spices and herbs dry and fresh—and have the added advantage of being see-through.

The Spice House
The Spice House


Spices and herbs will retain flavor and aroma for many more months--up to a year or two--when properly stored. We highly recommend these sturdy, flint glass jars. Spices should be kept cool, dry and dark. If you find any of your blends caking, this is because they have picked up moisture in the air. Keep t cheese blends, Sunny Paris, tomato powder and any spice that is a very fine powder, in the refrigerator. Seeds and red spices contain oils that can turn rancid, and should also be refrigerated. 

1/2 cup glass spice jar is 2" wide by 4-1/4"tall



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