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The Spice House
granulated garlic powder
Garlic, Granulated
granulated garlic powder flatpacks
granulated garlic
garlic powder flatpack
granulated garlic powder
granulated garlic powder
Garlic, Granulated
granulated garlic powder flatpacks
granulated garlic
garlic powder flatpack
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Granulated Garlic

Pantry Staple

Dive into a flavorful journey with The Spice House's Granulated Garlic, where each jar sings with gusto and aromatic fervor, transforming everyday meals into culinary masterpieces. Every jar of our premium granulated garlic is an ode to our partner’s careful cultivation. It's a treasure for both professional chefs and home cooks alike. Zest up those chicken breasts, burgers, bowls of popcorn and other recipes. One quarter of a teaspoon is equivalent to one small clove. Also available in Roasted Granulated Garlic, Chopped Garlic, or Minced Garlic.

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The Spice House

Granulated Garic

Our journey of flavor begins with premium garlic, handpicked for its vibrant intensity. These fresh bulbs are then delicately dried and precisely ground. Whether it's the centerpiece of a robust marinade, a dynamic player in your homemade spice blend, or a delicate touch on roasted veggies, our Granulated Garlic adds a limitless dimension of flavor. Its coarser texture, distinct from common garlic powders, weaves a bold garlic narrative in your dishes, perfect for moments when garlic flavor should shine.

Key Highlights:

  • Bold and Aromatic: A savory, unmistakable garlic flavor that truly stands out. Try swapping fresh garlic for our granulated garlic in recipes.  

  • Naturally Sourced: Crafted from the finest, all-natural garlic for an authentic and potent taste experience. Premium garlic unlocks premium flavors, ours is just as good as fresh! 

  • Versatile and Full-Bodied: Ideal for a myriad of culinary creations, from marinades to roasted vegetables, to homemade spice blends.

The Spice House's Granulated Garlic is more than a condiment; it's a festival of flavors, capturing the essence and soul of fresh garlic in each granule. Embark on a journey that elevates your cooking, turning each meal into an unforgettable experience. 

Spice Highlights

Taste Notes
savory, robust, earthy
Perfect For
chicken enchilada, grilled steak

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Customer Reviews

Based on 158 reviews
Excellent quality

This is excellent garlic powder. I is my favorite brand.


We love the Spice House. Great quality and no politics like you get from Penzeys

Paul L.

I will say that the garlic garlic is absolutely wonderul!

Thomas B.
It is what it claims

Consistent with no lumps.

Jimie V.
Excellent, Fresh Spices & Herbs!

The Spice House is definitely my first choice for Spices & Herbs. All have been fresh & flavorful over the years, with recent purchases of Granulated Garlic, Ground Coriander, Dried Bay Leaves and my all-time favorite, Parisian Shallot Herb Blend. Kudos to The Spice House & Staff!

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