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Pasta Toss

Pasta Toss
I make this to cut down on several steps for simple pasta dishes. I've done it with all kinds of meat and veggies tossed in. Use whatever you feel like.

Submitted by: Lara from Rockford, IL
Yield: 4-8 servings

Preparation Instructions:

Cook pasta to desired doneness.

While it's cooking mix all the ingredients, except the cheese, in a large mixing bowl.

When pasta is done, drain and add to mixing bowl, toss to coat, add cheese and toss until mixed.

While the pasta is cooking, I simply saute whatever I feel like topping the pasta with (chicken, shrimp, veggies, etc.) in a little chile oil. I use whatever seasonings I feel like, and always deglaze with white wine at the end.

Serve pasta topped with whatever you made in it's own pan juices.

More About This Recipe

This is very good by itself, if you don't want to top it with anything else. I just don't think it's a meal without something else. I make my own chile oil by warming a 17 ounce bottle of olive oil with 2 tablespoons of crushed red pepper flakes, in a sauce pan over low heat for about 5 minutes. Allow it to cool, and pour back into the bottle, with the pepper flakes, and store in the fridge. When you use it, you can pour off the top of the bottle if you don't want the pepper flakes in what your making, or shake it up first if you do.


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Customer Reviews

Laurie V

This recipe is fantastic! I double recipe and use one 7-oz. bottle of Chili Oil from chinese aisle of grocery store. Usually add shredded baked or grilled chicken. My family LOVES this pasta and it has become a favorite. Thank you, Lara, for sharing!

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