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Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt

Kosher salt is so named as it was used by practicing Jews to dry brine meats. Free of any additives, it lends the purest of salt flavors, while also serving effectively in absorbing moisture, binding to other ingredients and dissolving easily, making it the workhorse of every kitchen. Kosher salt is best for cooking, less so as a table salt.

Due to weight and shipping challenges, Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt is limited to one (1) box per order.  Please contact to inquire about placing orders containing multiple boxes.

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Kosher salt is a coarse, edible salt that is used most typically in cooking versus at the table--though the texture of this kosher salt makes it effective as a finishing salt. It is a large-grained, irregular flake favored by Jewish butchers, professional chefs and home cooks alike. When using kosher salt, especially when canning and preserving, measure it by weight rather than volume as this salt is much lighter than granular salt. Available in 3-pound boxes only.



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