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Maldon English Sea Salt

This delicate flakey Maldon sea salt has been produced in Southeastern England since 1882. It is carefully dried so that the crystals form brittle pyramid shapes, giving the finished salt an appealingly light texture and a wonderful pure salt flavor. Also available in Smoked Maldon Sea Salt.

The Spice House
The Spice House


Maldon salt flakes are a favorite with professionals and home cooks for the versatility of its texture, as well as its bright white color and delicate flavor. Made in Maldon, England for over a century by four generations of the same family, Maldon salt is known to be thin, brittle pyramids and flakes that can be left intact as a finishing salt for a lovely crunchy texture, or easily crushed between your fingers before use for smaller, more even grains.Use these Maldon salt flakes as a finishing salt to top salads and vegetables, chocolates or caramels, or pie crusts.



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