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The Spice House
Salt, Maldon Traditional
Salt, Maldon Traditional
Salt, Maldon Traditional
Salt, Maldon Traditional
Salt, Maldon Traditional
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Maldon English Sea Salt

Pantry Staple

This delicate flakey Maldon sea salt has been produced in Southeastern England since 1882. It is carefully dried so that the crystals form brittle pyramid shapes, giving the finished salt an appealingly light texture and a wonderful pure salt flavor. Also available in Smoked Maldon Sea Salt.

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The Spice House


Maldon salt flakes are a favorite with professionals and home cooks for the versatility of its texture, as well as its bright white color and delicate flavor. Made in Maldon, England for over a century by four generations of the same family, Maldon salt is known to be thin, brittle pyramids and flakes that can be left intact as a finishing salt for a lovely crunchy texture, or easily crushed between your fingers before use for smaller, more even grains. Use these Maldon salt flakes as a finishing salt to top salads and vegetables, chocolates or caramels, or pie crusts.

Box weight: 8.5oz 240g

Spice Highlights

Taste Notes
crisp, mineral, clean
Perfect For
finishing salt, garnishing dishes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

This salt is awesome! So good on a steak! wow! I will definitely purchase again and again!!

Jon E.
A wonderful product

Due to a family illness, I am now the cook in the family. A few years ago my culinary ability included burning water. I'm getting better and The Spice House products help considerably (I will never purchase Penzys Spices)! All I knew about salt was from simple table salt (Morton) which I do not use. I never salted my food or thought much about salt but purchased the Maldon Sea Salt Flakes to help my food's taste. This salt has made me a salt lover. I will continue to purchase this and other salts/The Spice House products in the future.

Mary S.
Maldon salt is a great finishing salt.

I use this salt as a finishing salt on various dishes. I especially like it because it’s flaky and large but breaks easily unlike kosher salt. You won’t chip a tooth on it.

Carole S.C.
Salt for salad

Taste great

Ann F.
You won't want to use anything else after this

I had read site after site filled with rave reviews of this salt over the years, I wish I had tried it earlier, as it is certainly worthy of of the praise it gets. It is the most delicious salt we have ever tried. It adds a lovely delicate sour tartness that is hard to describe. Fantastic on fish, beef, pasta, and vegetable and bean dishes. I have tried a number of salts and this is the only one I think is worthy of the hype. I will never stock a pantry without it. I think it is magnificent as it really does add a special bit of magic particularly to mild fish. I am not as fond of it on eggs, as I don't like the texture, but on everything else it will have you saying, "Wow, how did I live without all these decades!" Highly recommend this wonderful salt, it's a stand out. You need a wet salt mill for it if you are planing on grinding it.

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