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Muslin Bags

Fishing a bouquet garni out of a big pot of soup, or the cloves or bay leaves out of stock or stew, shouldn't be an extra step in your meal preparation. With these flavorless natural muslin bags, adding any spice to any dish where it later needs to be removed is simple.

The Spice House

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Muslin Bags

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The Spice House


Our muslin bags are unbleached 3"x4" draw-string bags.They allow you to flavor foods with whole spices and herbs without having to strain them out before serving.These pre-cut straining bags, with draw-strings, are much easier to use than cheesecloth, and can be reused. When mulling wine or cider, the spices add a wonderful flavor, but you certainly don't want to drink them.These muslin bags are also handy for corned beef spice, shrimp and crab boil and bay leaves.Use them for craft projects, such as homemade potpourri or lavender sachets for your clothes drawers.



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