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Mexican Pure Vanilla Extract

At the Mexican outdoor bazaars known as kermes, neighbors gather to eat esquites and atole and drink hot chocolate, a libation dating back to the Aztecs. Mexican vanilla has an extra spiciness, as well as raisin notes, which pair extremely well with chocolate. Also available in Madagascar Vanilla Extract, Double Strength Madagascar Vanilla Extract, or Tahitian Vanilla Extract.

The Spice House
The Spice House


The beans for this extract come only from Mexico, where the tradition of growing fine vanilla dates back before the conquering days of Cortez. Surprisingly, this vanilla is also good for a variety of tomato based dishes. In addition to drawing out tomatoes' flavors, this Mexican vanilla extract also cuts the acidity of them. It can be your secret ingredient the next time you cook chili. Ingredients: Water, alcohol, cane sugar, vanilla.


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