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Shop our selection of decorative spice racks, salt mills, jars, and other kitchen essentials that help you best manage your collection of fresh spices from The Spice House.

Glass Spice Jar

Early spice jars were made of varnished sycamore; though attractive, they split easily in the heat of old-fashioned kitchens. Ceramic...

Muslin Bags

Fishing a bouquet garni out of a big pot of soup, or the cloves or bay leaves out of stock...

Flatpack Holder

Keep the Flatpacks in your spice cabinet neat and organized with these custom, American-made organizer boxes. Explore our selection of...

Salt Cellar

Hand-made in Kentucky, these artisanal hand-crafted salt cellars are a wonderful way to keep salt handy for cooking or at...

Oak Spice Rack

Few trees are as emblematic as oak. Known for its strength and endurance, it is the symbol of countries, cities...

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