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The Spice Blend Our Experts Are Obsessed With Right Now

The Spice Blend Our Experts Are Obsessed With Right Now

Great minds do think alike. A lot of passionate cooks work at The Spice House, and we started noticing many of us have been cooking with our Salt-Free Adobo Seasoning lately. This sodium-free blend is an excellent all-purpose seasoning for meats, stews, roasted veggies, rice dishes, and even as a guacamole enhancer.


We asked our spice experts what they love most about adobo and how they cook with it. Below you will discover some tasteful inspiration and simple recipes for this spice blend. If you have a favorite way to use this blend, leave us a comment below!

Carefree Fajitas

Stephanie Schultz, Wholesale Accounts Specialist

What I love most about our Salt-free Adobo is that it's not only salt-free, but also not spicy. This means I'm in control of the sodium and heat level. I love to add in some Aji Amarillo or Cayenne if I want some heat. It's my go-to for my "lazy" cooking days when all I can muster is making fajitas. Saute some veggies with this and maybe a tablespoon of Chipotle or Pasilla de Oaxaca paste and you've got an easy, delicious dinner!

Secret Guacamole Ingredient

Lonnie Romero, Culinary Specialist

Adobo is one of my household staples. It is used a lot. I love that it is earthy and robust, the taste of garlic, onions, and Greek oregano are very present. I use it to season my burgers, fries, taco salad, and it is an integral component in my guacamole.

Simply Complex

Alex Wilkens, Director of Product and Sourcing

In our kitchen, Salt Free Adobo continues to be in heavy rotation year after year. It's simple, fresh, and because it's salt free you can add complexity to recipes by adding umami rich ingredients like soy sauce instead of salt. Adobo and soy seasoned chicken breasts make regular appearances in weekday salads or burrito bowls. On the weekend I like to use the extra time to really get some flavor going with an overnight marinade. My go-to for pork shoulder is a Cuban-style mojo from orange juice, lime juice, Adobo seasoning, kosher salt, and olive oil. Out of the long soak and into the slow cooker, Sundays smells tend to be my favorite.

Tacos Sans Sodium

Joe Goltz, Customer Service Manager

For a no-salt taco seasoning, I recommend the Salt-Free Adobo blend with some Smoked Sweet Paprika and a small boost of additional Ground Cumin and our Roasted Granulated Garlic. If you like it spicier, use Smoked Hot Paprika or some Ground Chipotle for great results.

The Best Beans, Every Time

Geoff Marshall, Web Content Manager

Adobo is one of my go-to bean seasonings. Nothing is better than a simmering pot of pinto beans and the adobo aroma of cumin, Mexican oregano, and chiles. It's also a great marinade for carne asada, grilled chicken, or any taco meat. I just whisk together freshly squeezed lime juice, oil, minced garlic, and adobo seasoning. Works every time and I always get compliments on the carne asada.

Top Recipes for Salt-Free Adobo Seasoning

Vegan Tempeh Tacos

The secret savory component to this dish is the chipotle chiles. Their smoky depth adds a delicious and hearty flavor to these adobo-spiced tacos.


Fresh Guacamole

The only secret to good guacamole is using fresh ingredients. That...and a dash or two of Salt-Free Adobo Seasoning.


Adobo Black Beans

Adobo seasoning is usually for grilled chicken and pork, however it makes the perfect seasoning for a simple pot of beans.


Adobo Skirt Steak

Marinated skirt steak is a Spice House barbecue classic. This skirt steak recipe is great for tacos and the marinade also works well for chicken or pork.


Crispy Adobo Potatoes

A simple and satisfying side dish for both breakfast and dinner. An excellent way to present a pork loin for dinner is upon a bend of these potatoes.




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