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Adobo Skirt Steak

Grilling adobo skirt steak for tacos
Marinated skirt steak is a Spice House barbecue classic. This skirt steak recipe is great for tacos and the marinade also works well for chicken or pork.

Yield: 3-4 servings


Preparation Instructions:

Whisk together oil, lime juice, spices, and salt.

Place steak in a large plastic bag, pour marinade over steak, work the marinade over the beef, and seal the bag so there is no air inside.

Let steak marinade for 30-45 minutes at a cool room temperature. Or, let it sit overnight in the refrigerator.

Grill steak to desired temperature and let it rest for a minimum of five minutes.

Slice steak into three smaller pieces, then slice it against the grain into strips.

Try serving over warm tortillas or on sandwiches with pepperjack cheese and jalapenos.


More About This Recipe

Use a mortar and pestle or molcajete to crush up the chile de arbol. If you don’t have those you can also use kitchen scissors to cut it into little pieces. Pull the stem off first too!

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