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Cinnamon Maple Sugar: Five Ways

Cinnamon Maple Sugar: Five Ways

Cinnamon Maple Sugar is like magic fairy dust. A blend of sweet Saigon cinnamon and citrusy Ceylon cinnamon powder paired with real maple sugar make for a blend like none other. We've been putting this sugar into heavy rotation in our kitchen and are delighted to share our notes and recipes with you. If you have a favorite way to use it, let us know in the comments below or email us at


Popcorn That Really Pops

Add a generous pinch of sea salt to a tablespoon of Cinnamon Maple Sugar before dusting it over freshly buttered popcorn. This sweet, savory, and spiced flavor combo will have you looking forward to movie night days, even weeks, in advance.

Seriously Snacky Pecans

Maple sugar and pecan are a nearly perfect flavor pairing. Add two kinds of cinnamon to the mix and now we’re talking. These candied pecans make a great cocktail hour snack for holiday parties and make an even better homemade gift. Try them as an ice cream topper for a real treat.


Spiced Sugar Cookies

Follow your favorite sugar cookie recipe and simply roll the formed dough in a plate of Cinnamon Maple Sugar before baking them in the oven. You can even do this with store-bought dough when you’re in a pinch before your next potluck. We also love sprinkling this sugar over cookies as soon as they come out of the oven, especially oatmeal raisin cookies and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

The Coziest Cup of Coffee, Tea, and More…

Another simple idea that’s deliciously indulgent. Uplift your morning coffee and tea routine with a spoonful of this spiced sugar. You can also unwind by the fireplace with a cup of hot apple cider or a hot toddy. Just stir a teaspoon of sugar into a cup of your favorite hot beverage. The homey feeling you’ll get is unmatched.

Apple Cinnamon Sensation

Baked apples are just the best when seasoned with our Cinnamon Maple Sugar. We love serving these apples hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. If you wind up with any leftover baked apples the next morning, (keyword, if) they are amazing when mixed into your morning oats.


Bonus–Brilliant Buttered Toast

This idea is too easy, but it’s too good not to mention sprinkling this cinnamon sugar over buttered toast. Do yourself a favor and make this with some crusty, rustic bread and quality salted butter. It’s quick and easy enough to make before work or school, but gives you that special Sunday morning feeling.



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