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Shop Cinnamon Maple Sugar
Cinnamon Maple Sugar
Cinnamon Maple Sugar
Cinnamon Maple Sugar
Cinnamon Maple Sugar
Shop Cinnamon Maple Sugar
Shop Cinnamon Maple Sugar
Cinnamon Maple Sugar
Cinnamon Maple Sugar
Cinnamon Maple Sugar
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Cinnamon Maple Sugar

Proprietary Blend

Two of nature's most delightful gifts – cinnamon and maple – come together to create a culinary masterpiece: Cinnamon Maple Sugar. This blend encapsulates the sweetness of maple trees with the warm embrace of two unique varieties of spicy cinnamon, offering an unparalleled sensory delight.

What’s better than a lofty stack of cinnamon French toast on Saturday morning? We bottled that weekend magic by mixing strong, sweet Saigon cinnamon and citrusy Ceylon cinnamon with real maple sugar. Sprinkle this cinnamon sugar over oatmeal, stir it into coffee, or fold it into a cobbler topping. Oh, it’s great in our favorite Cinnamon Toast Cookies too!

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The Spice House

Staff Tips & Tricks

  • Sprinkle over an ice cream sundae.
  • Add this to cream cheese frosting to coat a carrot cake.
  • Use this for the BEST baked apples, with butter and pecans.
  • Liven up a fresh fruit and yogurt parfait.

About This Spice

At the heart of Cinnamon Maple Sugar is the delicate sweetness of pure maple syrup. Maple sugar is then expertly blended with the finest cinnamon, renowned for its fragrant aroma and a hint of spiciness. The result is a versatile sweetener that elevates many dishes. From the morning's first cup of coffee to an evening dessert, its presence transforms the ordinary into extraordinary. 

Saigon cinnamon is beloved for its strong and sweet demeanor, while Ceylon cinnamon is adored for its citrusy subtleness. Those aromatics add a tasty top note to the woodsy and roasted base flavor of maple sugar. A touch of classic cane sugar brings a familiar sweetness, resulting in your new favorite pasty finisher, beverage enhancer, and dessert upgrade. Pass the waffles, please!

Cinnamon Maple Sugar Key Features:

  • Gourmet Fusion: An exquisite blend of pure maple sugar and high-quality cinnamon.
  • Natural Sweetener: Derived from the sap of maple trees, offering an authentic, unrefined sweetness.
  • Flavor Profile: A harmonious balance of the deep, natural sweetness of maple and the aromatic warmth of cinnamon.
  • Versatile Culinary Companion: A delightful addition to beverages, breakfast dishes, baked goods, and even savory recipes.
  • Pure and Authentic: Free from artificial additives and preservatives, ensuring a genuine taste experience.

Dive into the world of Cinnamon Maple Sugar and let the melodies of nature's finest flavors serenade your senses.


Maple sugar, cane sugar, Ceylon cinnamon, Saigon cinnamon.

Spice Highlights

Taste Notes
sweet, warm, citrus
Perfect For
french toast, oatmeal

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Phyllis J.
So fresh!

I have not used them all but find them so fresh.


Perfect blend of cinnamon and sugar for my special coffee cake!

Mary G.
Cinnamon Maple Sugar

My family loves this on Sweet Potatoes!!!

Michelle K.
Cinnamon Maple Sugar

This cinnamon sugar is THE best! We love it for French Toast, cinnamon rolls and on English Muffins and toast! Definitely recommend!

Sarah S.

I bought this to make the maple cinnamon cookies which turned out amazing! My family loved the cookies and I will be making them again.

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