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Thanksgiving Spices Checklist

Thanksgiving Spices Checklist

Traditional Thanksgiving dinner preparation can leave us a little overwhelmed in the kitchen, but do not worry! We are here to help make your feast as flavorful as it has ever been. As you write prep lists for shopping and cooking, be sure to consider the spices most commonly used for Thanksgiving, that make each of your recipes shine. We put together this quick list of essential Thanksgiving flavors to help ease your holiday planning. For more holiday inspiration, visit our Thanksgiving Headquarters.

If you have any questions about spices, or want to tell us about your favorite Thanksgiving herbs and spices, leave us a comment below!

Thanksgiving Turkey

Consider brining your bird before rubbing it with any of our signature spices for Thanksgiving turkey below. For more spice options, explore our full list of Poultry Rubs or our entire collection of Rubs & Blends and see our favorite turkey brining recipe.

Turkey Gravy

You cannot have turkey (or mashed potatoes) without a delicious Thanksgiving gravy. This is why we special order roasted turkey stock for this time of year. We also offer a few other specialty stock bases for making an outstanding gravy with ease. Don’t forget to simmer along with bay leaves for that delicious hint of aromatics.

Thanksgiving Stuffing

Any good stuffing recipe needs its fair share of herbal accents. Be sure to try our Poultry Stuffing Seasoning for that classic blend of holiday flavors. In addition to our house blend, there are a few other traditional herbs we recommend for a delicious stuffing

Thanksgiving Potatoes

Whether you’re making roasted potato wedges, creamy mashed potatoes, or candied yams, those spuds need spices. Here are a few of our favorites for Thanksgiving potatoes. Check our collection of Vegetable Favorites for more flavorful ideas.

Cranberry Sauce

It’s hard to beat the sweet-tart-savory combo of roasted turkey meat and cranberry sauce, especially when you make the sauce from scratch. These are the fresh spices we highly recommend for making your homemade cranberry sauce incredibly flavorful.

Thanksgiving Pies

From pumpkin, to apple, to sweet potato, spices make Thanksgiving pies special. Be sure to browse our entire collection of Baking Spices for more sweet flavors of the holidays.



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