Wasabi Wings Recipe

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Submitted By: Mabel from Chicago.

Wasabi Wings Notes

I keep trying to find new ways to use wasabi rather than just with sushi and tuna steak, so here it is.

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Preparation Instructions

Put all ingredients except wings in a food processor and process into a thick paste. Spoon paste into a zip top bag and add wings to coat thoroughly. Let sit in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

Heat 1" oil in a saucepan until very hot. Shake off excess paste and carefully drop in the wings, in one layer only. Cover immediately and let fry for 7-8 minutes. Turn the wings in the oil, cover, and fry for another 7-8 minutes. Drain and serve with pickled ginger.

Helpful Hints

I find it's not necessary to heat enough oil to cover the wings, because by covering the pan, the wings cook quite thorougly, but the hot oil will be enough to crisp the skin.

Quick Shopping List

Yellow Mustard Powder, Regular
Very Fine Powder, in a glass jar
In a 1/2 cup shaker jar, net wt. 1.5 oz.
Wasabi Powder
Very Fine Powder, in a glass jar
1/2 cup shaker jar, net wt. 2 oz.

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MITCH S. Said:

The idea behind the sauced wings is to have the sauce adhere to the wings after cooking. All of the sauce in this recipe burns off in the cooking oil and none is left on the wings themselves as in buffalo style wings that have the sauce ladled or dredged afterwards. I think the author needs to revise the MOP on this.

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