Cayenne Red Pepper - Information and Spice Variations

Cayenne pepper is the classic default ground chile when a recipe calls for "red pepper". It adds a very nice zip to any dish, yet in addition to heat, it subtly enhances other flavors in a dish. In older Spice Trade traditions, any pepper that was pretty hot was called a Cayenne pepper after the region in South America that was known for its export of these hot peppers. Nowadays, this pepper is grown all over the world, but the name Cayenne sticks. This is one of the most basic and useful spices and every spice rack should have a good quality, fresh cayenne ground pepper in it. Our regular cayenne pepper is 40,000 scoville heat units, which the Organic cayenne is a little less intense 30,000 heat units.

Cayenne Pepper


Cayenne pepper is our hottest ground red pepper, this cayenne clocks in at 40,000 scoville heat units (HOT!). In early American cooking, cayenne p…

Cayenne Red Pepper, Organic


In older Spice Trade definitions, when a pepper was unusually hot, it was given the name "cayenne" whether or not it actually was grown in the Cayenn…