Curry Blends - Information and Spice Variations

Curry powder is a blend of many spices, and comes in almost infinite varieties. Each curry powder can have different component spices, in differing amounts--making each curry blend unique.

The Spice House offers a basic yellow curry in both sweet (mild) and hot. The sweet version is a rich flavor with no heat, suitable for any recipe that calls for curry powder. Hot curry has a nice little kick in the tastebuds without being overwhelming. The For those who prefer the very highest quality, try our Maharajah curry powder, a sweet yellow with cardamom and whole threads of saffron in the blend--it's curry fit for a king! We also offer a Thai red curry, which is hotter with lemongrass and galangal.

In recent years, Ras El Hanout has become increasingly popular as a Mediterranean style curry. Garam Masala is a Northern Indian style sweet curry blend useful for many vegetarian Indian dishes, and is available in whole or ground forms. And try our newest curry blend, the French-influenced vadouvan curry, a mild yellow curry with grated shallots.

All our curry blends are freshly ground and hand-mixed on our premises. Our signature yellow blends, carefully developed over many years, use the absolute highest-quality ingredients and are triple-sifted and stirred 1500 times.

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Curry Powder

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Garam Masala Curry Mixture, Whole Or Ground


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Ras El Hanout


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Sunny Singapore Salt-Free Seasoning


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Tandoori Seasoning


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Vadouvan French Masala Curry


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