Garlic - Information and Spice Variations

Garlic has a long and fabled history. It is mentioned in the earliest Sanskrit texts, and probably was in use long before man could write. There are differing opinions as to its origin, but most seem to place it somewhere in central Asia. Garlic throughout the ages was highly touted for its varied medicinal purposes; it was credited for curing everything from the plague to gunpowder wounds. Greek gladiators thought garlic gave them strength and courage. Romans thought of it more as an aphrodisiac. Garlic even played a part in the building of the Great Pyramids, because the Egyptian laborers would not work without their daily allotment of garlic. Although the aristocracy of certain cultures considers those who eat garlic vulgar, the consumption of garlic in the US has risen well over 1000% in the last 20 years.

Our high quality dried garlic comes from soft-neck garlic grown in California. Dried garlic, either powdered or in pieces, is a great way to add wonderful flavor to dishes without the hassle of peeling and chopping.

Black Garlic


Black garlic is finding its way into all sorts of four star chefs' kitchens, and The Spice House is excited to carry it, for those of you who want to…

Garlic Pieces, Chopped or Minced


Garlic pieces are offered in two sizes: chopped and minced. Chopped pieces are about 1/4", and are perfect for long cooking times, such as stews, ma…

Garlic Powders, Granulated, Roasted or Very Fine Powder


These garlic powders, grown in California, are offered in 3 forms: regular granulated, roasted granulated, and very fine powder. Regular granulated …

Garlic Salt, Regular or Fancy


Regular garlic salt is a very versatile all purpose seasoning salt. A great all around seasoning salt, our regular garlic salt is just what it says -…

Garlic Powder, Granulated Organic


Grown to high organic standards in China, this granulated dried garlic is a convenient way to add strong garlic flavor to any dish. It is a pantry s…