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NEW for 2015 - Middle Eastern Flavors Gift Box Our newest spicy gift box is inspired by the wonderful cuisines of the Middle East. Use this collection to get started cooking delicious hummus, shawarma and other favorites.

The gift of herbs and spices is the perfect present for anyone who likes to cook, or wants to learn. Our extensive collection of themed boxes, listed below, includes seasonings for all occasions.

Anyone who likes food will love our specialty gift boxes. Our unique combinations range from small four jar combinations to ten jar collections. Whether you need a hostess gift, a wedding gift box for a culinary couple, or a unique holiday gift box, we've got it here for you.

Looking for a housewarming gift? Our Basic Spices Deluxe Gift Box is the perfect way to stock or restock a new kitchen.

We've got wonderful sets of baking spices for the baker in your life, salt-free seasonings for the health-conscious, curry powders for those seeking something more exotic, or go for the basics with our gourmet sea salts or peppercorns.

Each box contains our hand packed jars of freshly ground and blended spices and herbs, along with beautiful, functional packing material. We use bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, and whole nutmeg to pack our gift boxes.

Feel free to call any of our shops, and we can create a custom gift box just for you. Or, if you can't decide, send a gift certificate and let the recipient choose their own spices, herbs, seasoning blends, or spice mills and grinders.

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Asian Flavors Gift Box


We've remade this gift box to include some of our newest and most popular Asian spices. When we think of Asian flavors, our minds conjure up exotic,…

Baker's Deluxe Gift Box


Our Great Baker's Assortment is perfect for anyone who really loves to bake, or anyone who really loves the fruits of that labor. This is one of the…

Baker's Spices 4 Jar Gift Box


Our Baker's Gift Box is perfect for anyone who really loves to bake, or anyone who really loves the fruits of that labor. This is one of the best gif…

Baking Extracts Gift Box


Baking Extracts gift boxes are perfect for the bakers on your list. Extracts are a wonderfully easy way to add flavor to nearly any recipe, and as t…

Grill and Barbecue Deluxe Gift Box


The Deluxe Grill and Barbecue gift set is one of our top selling gift boxes, containing all the flavor you'll need to make the most of the all-too-sh…

Grill and Barbecue 4 Jar Gift Box


There is a ritual here in Chicago (we suspect we are not the only city). As soon as the weather goes from frozen tundra to 60 degrees (this usually t…

Basic Spices Deluxe Gift Box


This starter set of ten basic spices is perfect for any new or renewing kitchen. Send it as a housewarming gift, or a care package to a spice starve…

Beef and Steak Lover's Gift Box


A Beef and Steak Lover's gift box will appeal to any great meat lover. Our little spice company has been in business for over 50 years. Every single…

Butcher's Rubs Gift Box


The Butcher's Rubs Gift Box is great for grilling and slow-roasting any cut of meat. If your happy childhood memories are anything like ours, you re…

Natural Flavorings for Coffee, Tea, and Other Beverages Gift Box


We all seem to have incredibly busy lives that would probably come to a screeching halt without our coffee! There is a coffee shop on virtually every…

Curry Lover's Gift Box


The Curry Lover's Gift Box contains our four most popular curry blends. Most of what we know about curry has come not from books, but from many year…

Ethnic Chicago Neighborhoods Spice Blends Gift Box 1


Chicago neighborhood ethnic spice blends are featured here. Our four most popular seasonings, each created to reflect a Chicago neighborhood and its …

Ethnic Chicago Neighborhoods Spice Blends Gift Box 2


Chicago neighborhood ethnic spice blends are featured in this gift box; four of our very popular Chicago seasonings, each created to reflect a Chicag…

Ethnic Chicago Neighborhoods Spice Blends Gift Box 3


Chicago neighborhood ethnic spice blends continue to be our most popular boxes. What could be more ingenious than to create one more box filled wit…

Ethnic Chicago Neighborhoods Spice Blends Deluxe Gift Box


This jumbo assortment of Chicago neighborhood blends is our best selling jumbo box, the perfect souvenir or introduction to the diversity of Chicago …

Ethnic Milwaukee Neighborhoods Spice Blends Deluxe Gift Box


The Spice House was founded in Milwaukee in 1957, and has enjoyed being part of this dynamic city for over half a century. We’ve watched the evolut…

Fisherman's Seasoning Gift Box


The Fisherman's Seasoning Gift Box is a gift made especially for the fisherman (or woman!) in your life. Just smell that lake perch, caught earlier i…

International Salt-Free Seasoning Blends Gift Box


Our International Salt Free spice box brings you an interesting selection of seasonings that feature spice combinations used in other regional areas …

Italian Food Lover's Gift Box


The Italian Food Lover's gift box is very versatile. Who doesn't have their favorite Italian restaurant? Homemade Italian food is better yet. This…

Mexican Flavors Gift Box


Spicy Mexican Flavors Gift Box takes into account that Americans have embraced the flavors found in Mexican cooking in a big way. It is great fun to…

Middle Eastern Flavors Gift Box


The cuisines of the Middle East are some of the most complex, delicious, and well-spiced in the world. Historically a crossroads of the global spice …

Peppercorns Gift Box


The Spice House Peppercorn Gift Box is especially for the pepper lover who already owns a peppermill. Those who already own a mill are aware that th…

Popcorn Seasonings Gift Box


Popcorn has been America’s national snack since it was brought to the Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving. It’s been popped over hearthfires and c…

Pork Pit Masters Gift Box of Seasonings for Pork


We don’t feel we need to sell this box to you, all things pork are pretty much delicious. These four delicious seasonings will just give you a few …

Regional America Salt-Free Seasoning Blends Gift Box


The Spice House Regional America Salt Free Gift Box features a very tasty selection of seasonings especially formulated to bring you rich, resounding…

Salad & Vegetable Lover's Gift Box


Our Salad and Vegetable Lover's Gift Box was designed with many of us trying to focus a little more on healthful eating. This box is designed to bri…

Specialty Salts Gift Box


The current craze for fancy specialty sea salts has not escaped our notice. We have tested dozens of exotic sea salts in the last several years. In…

Smoky Flavors Four-Jar Gift Box


Smoky flavors are currently rank top among customer favorite blends, and this box features our four best! perfect for adding a rich smoked taste to a…

Some Like It Hot Gift Box


We've remade this gift box to include some of our newest and most popular HOT spices. Some Like It Hot Gift Box...Given the title of this gift box, …

Spicy Wedding Deluxe Gift Box


The Deluxe Spicy Wedding Gift Box is always well-received at weddings, anniversaries, or as a shower gift. It contains four versatile, easy-to-use …

Spicy Wedding Gift Box


This Spicy Wedding Gift Box is always well-received at weddings, anniversaries, or as a shower gift. It contains four versatile, easy-to-use fresh s…