Mustard - Information and Spice Variations

Mustard is one of the oldest cultivated crops. Both seeds and leaves are edible. It grows well in temperate regions throughout Europe, Asia, and North America, and consequently features in the cuisines of all of these areas. The proverbially small seeds have a strong pungent flavor, and are used in many marinades and pickling recipes as well as condiments.

The Spice House carries mustard in whole seed and powdered form. Regular mustard has a medium heat level, and is the most popular mustard for European and American dishes. Hot, Asian mustard complements many Indian and Asian dishes and sauces. Mild mustard is useful to add subtle flavor to dressings and dishes such as potato salad.

Yellow Mustard Powder, Hot


This is the sharp, hot type of mustard that usually comes with egg rolls in Chinese restaurants. It will make your eyes water!

Yellow Mustard Powder, Mild


This yellow mustard powder is very mild mustard for those who like less heat. Most often used in salad dressings, macaroni and cheese, bechamel, or …

Yellow Mustard Powder, Regular


This regular mustard powder has a bit of heat. This would be the mustard powder most similar to the English Coleman's mustard. Use mustard powder to…

Brown Mustard Seed, Whole


Brown mustard seeds, Brassica juncea , are from a plant commonly grown in India, China and Africa. These pungent seeds are preferred over yellow in m…

Brown Mustard Seed, Crushed


Crushed brown mustard seeds are called Bavarian-style mustard. These brown mustard seeds are nice for making a sharp tasting coarse mustard paste, w…

Yellow Mustard Seed, Hot


These mustard seeds (Brassica hirta ) have a very sharp heat, compared to regular yellow mustard seeds. Use them in Asian recipes or to make your own…

Yellow Mustard Seed, Regular


Yellow mustard seeds, Brassica alba , are commonly used in European and American cooking. This is the type called for in most pickling and canning r…