Pepper and Salt Mills - Information and Spice Variations

Peppermills are useful in the kitchen and on the dinner table. Pick a stylish mill to decorate your dining table, or a workhorse mill to use while cooking. Keep one for each type of peppercorn you use, and easily add freshly ground pepper to any dish! Having spice mills around will help you keep your spices fresh, by using whole spices and only grinding them as you need them. As soon as a spice is ground, it begins to loose its flavor rapidly by oxidation of the essential oils. Keeping spices whole can add years onto their shelf life, so you can have pungently fresh ground pepper whenever you need it.

Salt does not have essential oils, and so does not lose flavor when ground. Use salt mills to control the texture of coarse grained salt, to avoid clumping of fine-grained salt in humid weather, or try adding herbs or spices to your salt for a fresh-ground seasoned salt right at the table.

Fletchers' Mill "Border-Grill" Hardwood Mill


These mills stand approximately 8 inches tall, and have a nice sturdy feel. The Fletchers' Mill Gourmet line was originally produced by Vic Firth In…

Fletchers Mill "Enchantment" Hardwood Mill


The Enchantment pepper mill combines contemporary styling with tradition. Eight inches high and available in a variety of colors and woodstains, this…

Fletcher's Mills "Mario Batali" 4-inch Hardwood Mill


These handsome hardwood mills are now made by Fletcher's Mills in Maine. At just 4" high, the "Mario Batali" peppermill is perfect for grinding fresh…

Fletchers' Mill "Tronco" Hardwood Mill with The Spice House Label


The Fletchers' Mill Gourmet line was originally produced by Vic Firth Inc. of Newport, Maine, best known for their hardwood drumsticks. As the core d…