Spice Cuisine: Barbecue Spices and Seasonings

Barbecue, barbeque, bar-b-q, and BBQ all refer to a cooking method, an outdoor party with foods cooked in this method, and often to any food cooked outdoors. In its purest form, barbecue uses indirect heat and a long, slow process breaking down tough cuts of meat into mouth-watering tender morsels.

Different types of barbecue use different meats, spiced sauces and flavorings (added at various times during cooking), smokes, equipment and fuel, and total cooking time. These all affect the final flavor and tenderness of whatever meat is barbecued. Barbecue techniques have been used worldwide, probably since humans first struck two rocks together and beheld the awesome power of fire.

We have two dry spice rubs specifically for barbecue. One is a sweet Northern seasoning variety. The other has the spark and kick of slightly spicy West Indian cooking—also available in a salt-free version. They can be added to tomato sauce or ketchup for barbecue sauce. Several of our other blends are also staff favorites for barbecue. Of course, we’ve also put together several gift sets for outdoor grilling enthusiasts. Stop by any of our three stores, or call us, for personal recommendations from The Spice House crew. Everyone’s got their favorite flavors!

Any one of our barbecue rub seasonings will work wonders for your bbq rib or bbq chicken recipes. Order one to try at the next backyard barbecue, and wow your friends with your Chicago-style bbq cooking! We've also got a great collection of BBQ recipes.

Back of the Yards Garlic Pepper Butcher's Rub


Watch The Spice Boss mix up this blend! This is possibly our best grilling mixture, and one of our top selling spice blends. Pepper, garlic and s…

Grill and Barbecue Deluxe Gift Box


The Deluxe Grill and Barbecue gift set is one of our top selling gift boxes, containing all the flavor you'll need to make the most of the all-too-sh…

Grill and Barbecue 4 Jar Gift Box


There is a ritual here in Chicago (we suspect we are not the only city). As soon as the weather goes from frozen tundra to 60 degrees (this usually t…

Northern Style Barbeque Seasoning


Northern Style Barbeque Seasoning is sweet and spicy, without being hot. It has a rich, savory flavor that's perfect for the whole family. Use th…

Salt Free Spicy West Indies Barbeque Seasoning


Salt-Free Spicy West Indies Barbeque Seasoning features the spices loved and grown in the Caribbean. They are a favorite blend mixed into a marinade…

West Indies Style Barbeque Seasoning Rub


Spicy West Indies Barbeque Seasoning features the spices loved and grown in the Caribbean. This is a favorite blend mixed into a marinade for spit…

Beef and Steak Lover's Gift Box


A Beef and Steak Lover's gift box will appeal to any great meat lover. Our little spice company has been in business for over 50 years. Every single…

Brisket of Love BBQ Seasoning Rub


This seasoning was created by one of our former staff members, Steven Tobiason. Steven had a flair for creating really good blends, and he worked wit…

Bronzeville "Galena Street" Rib Rub


Bronzeville Rib Rub is known as Galena Street Rib Rub in our original Milwaukee Spice House location, where it was developed many years ago. To this…

Butcher's Rubs Gift Box


The Butcher's Rubs Gift Box is great for grilling and slow-roasting any cut of meat. If your happy childhood memories are anything like ours, you re…

Gateway To The North Maple Garlic Seasoning


Sweet and savory, "Gateway to the North" Maple-Garlic Seasoning is one of our most interesting blends. A staff favorite, this blend is delicious on …

Sunny Oaxaca Ancho-Coffee Rub


This wake-me-up blend makes a delicious seared crust for what is known as a Cowboy Steak, which also can later turn into Cowboy Steak Chili. Great sa…