Organic Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass, Dried Chopped, Organic

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Lemon Grass, Dried Chopped, Organic

Lemon Grass is an essential ingredient in many Asian cuisines.

Fresh lemon grass should always be your first choice, but unless you live in a city with ethnic markets or Asian grocery stores, this is not always an option. Dried lemon grass has the advantage of a much longer shelf life. So, it won't wilt in the refrigerator before you use it again.

Lemon grass is so named because its flavor is reminiscent of lemon, yet lighter. It is essential in many Asian cultures--in Thailand it is used in as many dishes as we use parsley. You will see lemon grass used to scent virtually every type of soup in Thai cooking. It is also used in green prawn curry, pa no (grilled fish with chili paste), nora pad (moo pork with bamboo shoots), and peanut sauce for satay. Use only half of the amount specified for fresh lemon grass.

Grown in Guatemala.

Coarse Cut, in a glass jar
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Coarse Cut, in a resealable bag
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