Ethnic Chicago 1 Gift Box

Ethnic Chicago Neighborhoods Spice Blends Gift Box 1

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Ethnic Chicago Spice Assortment Gift Box

Chicago neighborhood ethnic spice blends are featured here. Our four most popular seasonings, each created to reflect a Chicago neighborhood and its ethnic background, make up our most popular gift set. All seasonings are mixed here in our store, fresh weekly, to give you the highest quality flavor. Each blend is designed for versatility in its cooking uses-- between the four, you can make delicious beef, poultry, fish, pork, pasta, rice, vegetable, egg, salad, or soup dishes. A complete brochure accompanies this box, listing ingredients, suggestions for use, and an explanation for the neighborhood names.

This box features the following seasonings:

Old World Central Street Seasoning Central European style seasoning made from thirty-two ingredients. Great for seasoning vegetables, chicken soup or paprikash, potatoes, steak, hamburgers, goulash. Triple- sifted and mixed 1500 times by hand for full flavor development.

Old Taylor Street Cheese Sprinkle Named for Chicago’s oldest Italian neighborhood, this blend features garlic, rich Romano cheese and Italian herbs, heavy on the basil. Makes heavenly garlic bread, or toss with pasta and butter, sprinkle on garden salads, or mix in sour cream for potato dressing. Blend with bread crumbs for Sicilian-style breaded chops, chicken, eggplant, or mozzarella.

Lake Shore Drive Seasoning A luxurious seasoning made from herbs that have been freeze-dried rather than dehydrated. This sophisticated process gives them a fresh, light, delicate flavor and texture. A wonderful seasoning for steamed or broiled fish or chicken. Great for tuna, shrimp, or chicken salads. A favorite for omelets and other egg dishes as well as vegetable medleys. Mix with sour cream for a terrific vegetable dip your guests will love.

Bronzeville Rib Rub Named for the area of Chicago which, back in the 20s, 30s, and 40s, was a vibrant community populated by a diverse mixture of African-Americans from all walks of life, many of whom had arrived from the South. This mixture is a Southern-style seasoning that makes the best dry rub for baby back ribs you have ever tasted. Fantastic on chicken and an excellent blend for those who make their own barbecue sauces from scratch. Really great for turkey legs or wings on the grill.

Four Jar Gift Box
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