Star Anise, Hand-Select

Hand-Selected Whole Star Anise

Hand-Selected Whole Star Anise

Whole, hand selected Star Anise are really quite a beautiful wonder of nature, they will have six to eight points. Costly because they are picked out by hand, they are often reserved for craft use, although they make an attractive dinner garnish. They also add a lovely flavor and appearance floating in a cup of tea. Each ounce contains approximately 15 whole stars.

We import whole star anise from Asia and separate the most beautiful stars from the broken pieces by hand in our shops. For most culinary uses, where the appearance of the anise isn't important, the broken or powdered star anise give you the same flavor at a much lower cost.

Also known as Chinese anise, this plant features the same three essential oils as the small, more delicate anise seed.

Waverly Root writes, "In putting this combination together once nature had already amply demonstrated her chemical skill; it was sheer showing off to perform the feat twice in two totally unrelated plants." The flavor is quite a bit stronger than the anise seed and is used primarily for Chinese cooking, although in the 1700's European cooking also called for star anise in fruit jams and syrup recipes.

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