Sea Salt, Fleur de Sel de Noirmoutier

Fleur de Sel de Noirmoutier Malandel French Sea Salt

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Fleur de Sel de Noirmoutier Malandel French Sea Salt

Malandel Fleur de Sel French Sea Salt is harvested by a Paludier who claims that it is "made of the finest salt crystals floating at the surface of the marsh, and has been traditionally hand-harvested for centuries. This delicacy is produced in very small quantities every year".

Translation: the "flower of salt". This salt is considered the "caviar of salt". These flavorful salts have been hand-harvested for centuries in France. When harvested, only the very top, premium layer of salt is raked from the salt bed. As it dries, it blooms, and develops the aroma of violets.

Unlike processed industrial salt, this salt is a natural source of potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and iodine. In addition to its own marvelous flavor, it will also draw out complex, full flavors of other ingredients in a dish.

Percent Sodium: 37.00% Sodium per Teaspoon: 1720.5mg

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