Microplane with Shaker

Microplane "Grate N Shake" Spice Grater

Microplane "Grate N Shake" Spice Grater

(Actual Size 3"x2"x2 1/4")

Microplanes are the easiest way to freshly grate whole spices. This nutmeg and spice grater is convenient because it allows you to store whole nutmegs inside, grate directly into an enclosure, then shake out the powder or open the enclosure to spoon it out.

Microplanes are the handiest kitchen gadget to come to market in years. They're based on the principal of a woodworking tool, the rasp, and developed into a kitchen tool. Instead of rough holes punched in tin, this tool has chemically dissolved holes in stainless steel. Each one of its many holes is as sharp as a razor blade, and they all face the same direction, making grating nutmeg as easy as melting butter in the microwave. Not only that, we have never before seen a tool that grates both cinnamon sticks or ginger root into a fine powder with so little elbow grease required. It's also much safer for your knuckles than a conventional grater!

As a lagniappe, when you purchase this tool, we will give you a little bag with a whole nutmeg, cinnamon stick, ginger and turmeric root. You'll be ready to grate away!

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