Milwaukee Avenue Seasoning

Milwaukee Avenue Steak Seasoning

Spice House Milwaukee Avenue Steak Seasoning

Milwaukee Avenue Seasoning is a Spice House favorite for seasoning steak and especially hamburgers. This blend is known as Mitchell Street Steak Seasoning in our original Milwaukee Spice House location.

Also known as Chicago Polish Seasoning, this mouth-watering seasoning for steak, hamburgers, beef roast or pork is named in honor of Chicago's ethnic Polish population. While many people of Polish descent have assimilated into such suburbs as Avondale, Milwaukee Avenue still throbs with a strong Polish heartbeat. This smoky blend features ingredients familiar to the Polish from the Old Country, such as sweet Hungarian paprika, garlic, marjoram and cardamom. What better way to transfer the essence of the old homeland to the new land, than to savor what is loved and familiar?

Sprinkle it on any type of beef or pork before cooking. It's a nice seasoning for smoky homemade barbeque sauce, and a good mixture for those who make their own beef jerky. Mix with ground pork or beef for pungent sausages. Hand mixed from: salt, hickory smoke powder, Hungarian sweet paprika, garlic, Tellicherry black pepper, cardamom and marjoram. Sodium content: 773.27 mg per teaspoon; 22.74% sodium

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