Lemon Peel

Lemon Peel Zest

Lemon Peel Zest

Lemon Peel is an intensely flavored dehydrated lemon zest that will save you time in your baking activities.

It is the dehydrated zest of the lemon; the outer skin of the fruit without the pith, or white membrane, which surrounds the fruit.

The zest is the part of the fruit which is highest in oil, which is why it is so often called for in baking. It is also why we offer it in an air-tight jar. The essential oil content is so high (therefore, the flavor is excellent) that it will actually soak through a bulk bag in a matter of hours.

If you have ever zested your own lemons, you know how time-consuming it can be. Try Spice House dehydrated zest, and when you taste for yourself how fresh it is, it might just become a staple in your kitchen. It used to be that most recipes calling for lemon zest were desserts. These days we are finding recipes for vegetables, seafood, rice and marinades requiring this fresh flavor.

Note: Our dehydrated lemon peel is three times as strong as the fresh peel. If your recipe calls for 1 Tablespoon, use only 1 teaspoon of our dried peel. If you are adding the peel to dry ingredients, reconstitute first by soaking in water for about 15 minutes.

Storage in air-tight jars is highly recommended, because of its strong flavor oil content.

For a more savory lemon flavor, try our Meyer Lemon Peel

In a glass jar
  • In a 1/2 cup jar, net wt. 2 oz.
  • $7.83
  • In a 1 cup jar, net wt. 4 oz.
  • $12.31
  • In a 2 cup spoon-out jar, net wt 8 oz.
  • $21.83
In a resealable plastic bag
  • 1/2 cup refill, net wt. 2 oz.
  • $6.43
  • 4 oz.
  • $10.29
  • 8 oz.
  • $19.36
  • 16 oz.
  • $32.47