Coffee & Beverage Spices Box

Natural Flavorings for Coffee, Tea, and Other Beverages Gift Box

Coffee and Tea Spices Assortment Gift Box

We all seem to have incredibly busy lives that would probably come to a screeching halt without our coffee! There is a coffee shop on virtually every corner with fancy flavored coffees sold at fancy prices. Try adding a sprinkle of our vanilla sugar, cocoa or cinnamon to a good roast coffee or cappuccino, sit back, relax and enjoy. These flavors can also be used to flavor whipping cream, milkshakes, fruit smoothies, homemade ice cream, tea, hot chocolate . . . use your imagination! The mulling spices are wonderful to make a hot mulled wine or a mulled apple cider, or to infuse sun tea. The nutmegs included in the box as garnish can be grated fresh over warm bedtime milk, fruit juices, ice cream drinks or eggnog.

The spices in this box include:

VANILLA SUGAR Made with our premium hand-chopped, finest quality Madagascar Bourbon Islands vanilla beans. An ideal substitute for those who want vanilla flavor without the alcohol found in vanilla extract. In addition to coffee or tea, this delightful sugar is lovely sprinkled on French toast, waffles, oatmeal, cream or wheat or plain old cereal!

HOT COCOA MIX This hot cocoa mix is a blend of our high quality natural and dutched cocoas, both with a high cocoa butter content for smooth chocolate flavor. We add sugar and vanilla, so all you have to add is milk, water, or soy milk. For 1 cup of cocoa, whisk 2 tablespoons cocoa mix with 1/4 cup hot water and stir well. Add 3/4 cup milk, heat and enjoy.

KORINTJE CINNAMON This is a mellow cinnamon, ground from a cassia bark which consistently produces a sweet, smooth flavor. Some of the stronger cassias we carry have a sharp bite a bit too strong for coffee flavoring. This is a good cinnamon for sprinkling on toast, cereal, apple slices, waffles, French toast.

MULLED WINE SPICE To spice one standard bottle of red wine or brandy, first simmer one tablespoon spices in water for around 20 minutes (this releases the full spice flavors) Strain water and leave spices in the pan, then add whatever beverage you want to spice. This is especially popular in the fall for Halloween parties with hot spiced apple cider. At Christmas time, many folks just keep a pan of these spices simmering on the stovetop - it simply makes the whole house smell like the holidays.

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