Regional American Salt-Free Seasonings Gift Box

Regional America Salt-Free Seasoning Blends Gift Box

Regional America Salt Free Spice Assortment Gift Box

The Spice House Regional America Salt Free Gift Box features a very tasty selection of seasonings especially formulated to bring you rich, resounding, robust flavor, without the use of salt. These fine blends are hand-ground and mixed, using only the freshest spices and herbs available. All of these blends will season a wide variety of foods. The packaging materials in this box can all be used in cooking.

The spice blends in this gift are:

CALIFORNIA SEASONED PEPPER Great for hearty vegetables, beef of any sort, chicken, fish or sprinkled over eggs, stuffed bell peppers, veal or turkey. Generally use about 1 teaspoon per pound of meat. Hand mixed from: Tellicherry pepper, California sweet red and green bell peppers, onion and garlic powder.

FLORIDA SEASONED PEPPER One of our personal favorites, this blend is so flavorful you won’t even notice it is salt free! It is one of our most versatile seasonings, good on just about anything. Excellent on turkey, fried or baked chicken, roast duck, pheasant or cornish hens, pork chops, baby back ribs, burgers, fish, vegetables, eggs, steaks, or to pep up a bland sauce or gravy. If you are fond of pepper-lemon, you will enjoy this intensified version. Hand mixed from: Tellicherry black pepper, minced lemon and orange peel, citric acid, garlic and onion powders.

LITTLE ITALY NEW YORK CITY STYLE HERBS A sophisticated version of our Italian herbs which is why we call it, tongue in cheek, NYC style. We add dehydrated lemon and garlic to give the blend a lot more pizazz than your everyday Italian herbs. Good in every tomato based dish you can think of, for Italian baked chicken or fish, Italian style omelets or quiche, vegetables or any type of pizza. Even makes frozen pizza taste more like a homemade one, simply rub a little between your palms to release the flavor, and sprinkle over pizza before baking. Hand mixed from: Greek fancy oregano, sweet basil, marjoram, thyme, summer savory, minced garlic, and lemon peel.

SALT-FREE CAJUN SEASONING This is the classic blend for blackening (although the black color comes from the cooking process, not the spices), as well as being a wonderful all-purpose spicy flavor. For those who like a little zip to their food, use 1 teaspoon per pound for catfish, grilled chicken wings, steaks, chops, ribs, red snapper. It's great sprinkled on vegetables and eggs, and makes wonderful Cajun fries. Hand mixed from half-sharp Hungarian paprika, ground celery seed, garlic powder, Italian herbs, onion, cumin, Tellicherry black pepper, sugar, hot pepper, curry powder, turmeric, dill, mace and cardamom.

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