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Specialty Salts Gift Box

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Gourmet Salt Assortment Gift Box

The current craze for fancy specialty sea salts has not escaped our notice. We have tested dozens of exotic sea salts in the last several years. In many cases the expensive salts did not live up to the hype - why pay a premium for something that tastes exactly the same as ordinary table salt? But we have found a few salts that are, well, worth their salt. This salt lover's box includes:

Hawaiian Black Lava and Red Alea Clay Sea Salts - These two salts from the pristine Pacific waters off Molokai are dried in pools with black lava powder and local red clay, respectively. Their dramatic colors and light, crunchy texture make them wonderful finishing salts.

Portuguese "Salt Cream" Sea Salt - This is the Portuguese version of the famous French Fleur de Sel, the first salt to crystallize as drying pools evaporate. Because Portugal is drier than France, the salt forms faster and becomes whiter and fluffier than its French counterpart.

Himalayan Pink Salt - Formed by deposits left by retreating prehistoric oceans, this pretty salt is known for it healthful minerals.

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