Vadouvan French Masala Curry

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Vadouvan French Masala Curry

This is a French interpretation of an Indian Masala called vadavam, from the Pondicherry region of southern India where France colonial influence is still felt. This trendy curry blend is currently en vogue in France, Australia, and the U.S. It has a rich savory flavor that is more familiar to Western palates than many Indian spice mixtures. The traditional Indian curry flavors of turmeric, cumin, curry leaves, and coriander are given a sophisticated French twist with the addition of grated shallots. Use this spice to make French-style curried chicken salad, as a marinade for shrimp or fish, or wherever you would use regular curry powder. Hand blended from: curry, curry leaves, white and toasted onion and garlic powders, brown mustard seeds, shallots, and kosher salt. Sodium content 10.32 mg per teaspoon; 0.49% sodium

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