Hot Caramel Cinnamon Sauce Recipe

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Submitted By: The Spice House.

Hot Caramel Cinnamon Sauce Notes

This is a spectacular recipe. It takes only moments to make and my family absolutely loves it. Every time I tell someone about it they come up with a new way to use it.

Photo by Kristin Dula.

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Preparation Instructions

Mix sugar and flour in a small pot. Stir in water. Cook gently stirring constantly until slightly thickened. Add butter and simmer 6-8 more min. Remove from heat. Whisk in cinnamon and vanilla. Serve hot over apple pie, pancakes, ice cream, bread pudding etc. Makes one and a half cups.

Helpful Hints

I use light brown sugar so that it enhances not overwhelms the flavor. I use flour instead of cornstarch so that it doesn't get jello-like and can be reheated.

Quick Shopping List

Vietnamese "Saigon" Cassia Cinnamon, Cracked or Ground
Ground, in a glass shaker jar
1/2 cup in shaker jar, net 2 oz.
Madagascar "Bourbon Islands" Pure Double-Strength Vanilla Extract
Pure Extract
4 fluid ounce

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Len C. Said:

Have not tried yet, but sounds delicious. My question is, can this sauce be jarred and refrigerated and if so, what would shelf life be.

Your response is greatly appreciated :

Make it Again? Len C. would make this recipe again.

Simone S. Said:

This sauce was absolutely beautiful. I made it to go with cinnamon raisin scrolls. It was greatly enjoyed by all. I will definitely add it to my cookery book for future desserts. Thank you!

Make it Again? Simone S. would make this recipe again.

Jane A. Said:

Ok I haven't actually tried this recipe out, but it sounds fantastic! How could you go wrong with caramel and cinnamon...I'm pretty sure you can't. I even have a CD called Hot Caramel I could listen to while making it ;)

Make it Again? Jane A. would make this recipe again.