Chipotle Peppers - Information and Spice Variations

Chipotle (chip-oat-lay) peppers are smoked, dried Jalapeño chiles. The Spice House offers two varieties of dried Chipotle chiles: Morita and Meco. The Moritas, available whole and ground, are a smaller chile with a dark red and black color. They have a delicious fruity aroma that belies their surprising heat level. The Meco are larger in size and have a light brown hue. They are smokier and less fruity than the moritas, with nutty, leathery notes that blend well with strong flavors.

Meco Brown Chipotle Chile Peppers


Brown Chipotle chiles are a medium heat, 4-6 on a scale of 10. Underneath the smokey flavor lies a grassy, light-spicy fruitiness. They are larger …

Morita Black-and-Red Whole Dried Chipotle Chile Peppers


Black and Red Chipotle chiles average around a 6 on the 1-10 heat scale. These chiles, nicknamed "Morita" are more attractive than the brown chipotl…

Morita Ground Chipotle Chile Peppers


This rich, deep red powder has all the smokey heat of whole chipotle peppers , but is much easier to use in most dishes. A sprinkle adds a kick of f…

Canned Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce


These chipotle peppers are soft and ready to use to add smokey heat to any dish. Chop or puree them into sauces, add to marinades and vegetable dish…