Cinnamon - Information and Spice Variations

Cinnamon, and its relative cassia, have long been prized for both flavor and medicine. Romans used cinnamon to make their strong, bitter wine palatable, Greeks to season meat and vegetable dishes, Arabs in tea, and nearly everyone in baked goods. English nobility hoarded to delicate Ceylon cinnamon to flavor breads and puddings.

In America, what we know as cinnamon is usually Indonesian cassia (a close botanical relative of the true cinnamon tree). Cassia is not inferior to true cinnamon, merely a slightly different flavor. While it may be true that hundreds of years ago cassia did not hold a candle to the flavor of true cinnamon, selective plantings, cuttings, pruning and choice locations have enabled its cultivation into a superlative product. Our Saigon cassia is our most popular cinnamon by far!

We offer four varieties of ground cinnamon, ground fresh on our premises for the ultimate in flavor and oil content. One isn't necessarily better than the others, they simply have their own distinctive characteristics. Originally, the Europeans swore by the flavor of the Ceylon "True" Cinnamon. This variety is delicate and light-natured, with a note of citrus. It is often called Mexican cinnamon or canella. Indonesian Korintje cassia has a stronger flavor than true cinnamon, with a sharp, bitter edge that goes well with coffee. As the flavor most American grew up with, it's often called the "regular" cinnamon. China "Tung Hing" cassia is sweeter than the Indonesian, with a mild depth that blends beautifully into other flavors. It's often the preferred cinnamon for baking. Our "Saigon" cassia cinnamon, from Vietnam, is much stronger than the others, with a sweet spicy heat like red-hot candies. It's so popular we grind about a hundred pounds each week, just to keep up with the demand. If you enjoy baking, or have a cinnamon fetish, why not sample a small amount of each? Cook with them and draw your own conclusions.

See a video of The Spice Boss explaining everything about Cinnamon.

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