Wasabi - Information and Spice Variations

Wasabi is used mainly in Japanese cooking, although it's starting to be common in pan-Asian cuisine. Wasabi root, also called Japanese horseradish, has an extremely sharp, eye-watering flavor that floods the sinuses but dissipates quickly. Although wasabi root can be grated fresh, it's hugely expensive and hard to find. Most wasabi is eaten in paste form, either from prepared tubes or wasabi powder.

Most prepared wasabi and wasabi powder is actually a blend of wasabi, horseradish, mustard, and green coloring (sometimes from spirulina). This blend is much cheaper than pure wasabi, and easier to work with. It's flavor is a bit flatter than pure wasabi, but it still packs a punch! Pure wasabi powder is harder to find and always expensive, and it's flavor is gone sooner. Wasabi paste should be made right before serving, and kept covered to prevent the loss of flavor.

The Spice House carries conventional wasabi powder as well as pure Namida wasabi powder. The regular wasabi is the common blend of horseradish, mustard, and coloring. Pure Namida wasabi is just powdered wasabi root with no additives, and is cultivated only in Japan and New Zealand.

Wasabi Powder


Wasabi is a variety of green horseradish, the powder has a sharp flavor that's a bit hotter than the familiar white horseradish. Wasabi powder prov…

Namida Pure Wasabi Powder


While we also carry the more conventional blended wasabi powder , we know our discerning customers will enjoy this pure ground wasabi root powder. …