Lamb Favorites - Information and Spice Variations

Lamb is often consigned to holiday meals in America, but it deserves a much more prominent place on our plates. A tender lambchop, an impressive crown roast, a juicy roasted leg of lamb... every cut is perfect for the centerpiece of a meal.

Although sheep lost out to cows for dominance of American meat markets, historically animal husbandry has been far more centered around sheep, with lamb as the meat of choice. From the Middle East with its strong herding traditions since the dawn of civilization to New Zealand where the sheep population outnumbers the humans by 10 to 1, lamb is still the number one choice of red meat for many cuisines. The possibilities for cooking with lamb are endlessly varied, but we've got a wonderful array of spices that compliment its tender, grassy flavor perfectly.

Argyle Street Asian Blend


Argyle Street Asian Blend is inspired by Chicago's Argyle Street, which is heavily influenced by immigrants from a variety of Asian cultures. All ar…

Baharat Seasoning


Baharat means spices in Arabic, and this wonderfully complex blend has a unique balance of spicy flavors. Savory and slightly sweet, with a lingerin…

French Four & More Choucroute Garni Seasoning


French Four and More is a lovely blend we feel is an improvement over the traditional French four-spice mixture, Quatre Epices. This recipes comes to…

Garam Masala Curry Mixture, Whole Or Ground


Garam Masala is a Punjabi, or Northern Indian, style curry powder. Garam Masala is based, not on turmeric, as are other curry powders, but on a tripa…

Greektown Seasoning


Greektown seasoning is great for marinating lamb shish-ka-bobs or making a gyros sauce. This light blend also pairs well with chicken and fish dishe…

Mediterranean Lamb Seasoning


Use Mediterranean Lamb Seasoning to season any cut of lamb. For leg of lamb, an extremely tasty method of cooking is this: rinse lamb and generously…

Moroccan Spice Mixture


Moroccan Spice Mixture is an authentic blend of spices from the sunny Mediterranean. Made at the special request of Chicago's Field Museum of Natura…

Pomegranate Molasses


Pomegranate molasses is used primarily in Mediterranean cooking. It is also called pomegranate syrup, because of its consistency. This is a 100% na…