Sea Salt, Maldon

Maldon English Sea Salt Flakes

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Maldon English Sea Salt Flakes

Maldon English Sea Salt is a fabulous pure crystal salt. It comes from Essex, which is located in Southeastern England. This fine salt is harvested by a family run business that has been panning salt since 1882.

This family run business has been producing sea salt since 1882. Currently, it has received a good deal of very favorable press, making it a very sought after salt. It is known for its pyramid-shaped soft flaky crystal and stunning white color. There is something very aesthetically appealing about its appearance, and the flavor is also quite delightful.

Maldon salt is drier than the many of the other French sea salts and a good deal more reasonably priced. Which fancy sea salt you favor will really be determined by your own palate.

  • Net wt. 8.5 oz. box
  • $10.07